About Us

Prachi Hospital is a 82 bedded Multispeciality & Superspeciality Hospital providing all facilities under one roof.We are highly specialized and modern technology equipped hospital in Allahabad with multi-specialty facilities.

Our aim is to provide.
  • Care, Best service and Best facilities with minimum charges.
  • Full satisfaction to our patients.
  • EXTRA care to our patients.

How it Started

Prachi Hospital is outcome of dream of Dr. Prashant Patel & Dr. Veneeta Patel who after serving the Government of India for 10 years eventually resigned from their services to fulfil their dream project Prachi Hospital with an aim to provide best care, best service and best facilities at an affordable price to general population specially village area.

We pay full attention to patients as well as to their attendants regarding their basic needs like one-to-one counseling in healthy & hygienic atmosphere.

Along with this we provide waiting space to the attendants of patients where they can relax a bit, have some refreshment and take care of their own selves.





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Our Medical Services


  • The Hospital is triple storeyed building Constructed Nicely with proper Ventilation in 1600 sq. meter area.(17,222.26 sq. feet)
  • The Hospital has 512 sq. meter (5511.12 sq. feet) triple storeyed constructed area for residence of doctors and paramedical staff to provide 24 hours Immediate and quick service to our admitted outdoor and indoor patients, during any Emergency situation.
  • The Hospital has another 900 sq. meter (9687.52 sq. feet) Basement and triple storeyed commercial area with sanction Hospital Map from A.D.A. for further expansion of IVF & Diagnostic facilities in coming next year.


The hospital has regular doctors in panel for care of indoor and outdoor patients besides junior doctors, trained and semi trained Nurses to take care of patients.